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Jo Adcock (MAR)
Telephone: Due to on-going problems with my home phone number, please phone my mobile
Mobile: 07780 524 900
Address: 84 Arbor Lane, Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5JD
Email: Click here to email me
Web: www.joadcockreflexology.co.uk

84 Arbor Lane, painted by my daughter Rosie.

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Testimonials and press

"Jo is amazing at her work, I can see she is totally dedicated and very knowledgeable. I have been to a handful of different reflexologists in the past 15 years and I can honestly say Jo is the BEST by far. I feel an instant calm as soon as I'm in her presence which makes the whole experience just wonderful. I would fully recommend Jo to anyone who needs calm in their life, as I have felt anxious for many years. After just two treatments I can already feel the difference. Very much looking forward to my next 5 treatments!! Thank you so much! "
Teresa xx

"I've been going to see Jo for nearly 14 months, the reason to start with was for anxiety, stress, and being a Crohn's disease sufferer. Jo asked me about my symptoms of which one is kidney stones that I have suffered with for over 20 painful years, with many trips to doctors and hospital for pain relief, sometimes having to have them removed. Since seeing Jo I have passed numerous stones some really large with minimal discomfort, which had never happened before the treatment. That in itself is very pleasing for me as it's something I have suffered with for many years. "
Les from Woodley

"I was a bit sceptical about reflexology when I started having it a few years ago. However the benefits I felt immediately in terms of managing stress, improving IBS symptoms and general well-being are incredible. I saw a number of reflexologist at the beginning and Jo was absolutely the best. I have now been seeing her for over two years. The treatment is a very relaxing experience and I feel an immediate sense of well-being afterwards. Jo asks me areas I would like to focus on at the beginning of the treatment and always talks with me afterwards about anything she has noticed. I would thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone."
Sophie... Reading

"Hi Jo, I just wanted to say thank you for my reflexology. I think it really helped. I had a little girl on Thursday afternoon and although I went to hospital, I was relaxed and think this helped during my labour!"
Niki from Winnersh

"Thank you for the treatment, it was the first time I'd felt human for months!"
Stephanie... Wokingham

"I must admit I was slightly sceptical about Reflexology as I’d been suffering with digestion problems for over 20 years and had a hormonal imbalance too that doctors had been unable to help me with. But it was clear from my very first treatment that it was having an effect and after 4 treatments, my digestion has improved considerably and I’ve had no more hormonal acne, which I’m over the moon about. Jo always made me feel relaxed and at ease and I would definitely recommend her."
Julia... Earley

"A treatment with Jo is a truly relaxing experience, especially as I am someone who finds it hards to switch off! As well as being an enjoyable experience, I found considerable relief with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome in particular."

"I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and through regular treatments; Jo helped me relax and focus on my fertility. Not only did she help by stimulating my ovaries and uterus through reflexology but also gave me lots of advice about fertility as a whole. I was told I wasn’t ovulating by Dr’s yet while I was having treatments with Jo I fell pregnant. I truly believe that the work done by Jo was a factor in this."

"I have no hesitation in recommending Jo Adcock as a reflexologist. Jo herself, is a really calming influence. I felt immediately at ease and relaxed. Such a friendly person, very easy to open up to. I thoroughly enjoyed my course of 6 reflexology treatments (I always fell asleep!) Jo has a firm (but not too firm) touch, so no need to worry about being ticklish!! I found that not only did I feel wonderfully relaxed, but my sinus problem has really improved. I can now breathe more easily, so therefore sleep more peacefully. I also had a "bloating" problem with my abdomen. This has significantly improved over the course of treatment and has not returned since!

I most certainly would not have any hesitation at all to recommend Jo Adcock as a therapist."

"As a Reflexologist myself, I am a great believer in having regular Reflexology treatments to maintain a general sense of well-being. I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekly sessions with Jo, who gave me the firm pressure that I prefer. Her relaxed nature allowed me to switch off completely and drift away into a wonderful state of relaxation. I would certainly recommend Jo to anyone who is looking for a dedicated, caring and competent Reflexologist."

"I suffer from PMS symptoms i.e. mood issues, headaches and in particular night sweats around my period. Jo's treatment immediately helped with all those, especially the mood swings and night sweats. Jo is very calming and knowledgeable and supportive - it has made a huge difference to my life, seeing her and having this treatment - highly recommend it."

"Any tension or stress I had completely disappeared and I felt incredibly relaxed and positive. From start to finish I felt cared for and relaxed."

"I had a reflexology treatment from Jo following a minor operation – the whole experience was very relaxing and nurturing. Jo is a very special practitioner – she is highly skilled and she made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She is warm and caring, and she had a very calming effect on me. The treatment was absolutely wonderful, and I am in no doubt that it aided my recovery. Thank you Jo."

Press Articles
A press article written by a journalist after his experience of having a reflexology treatment with me. This was published online for Best Fit Magazine in March 2015. Click on the link to view.

Contact Details / Testimonials / Press. Happy Feet article

Woman & home magazine press article about one of my clients experience of having Reflexology to help with the menopause . June 2015 edition

Contact Details / Testimonials / Press. Woman & home magazine

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